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Outdoor café furniture is unique in many ways. The designs depend on several factors, the most significant being :

Portability: many have to be moved regularly or stowed away at night which means they need to be light or on wheels.

Patronage style : Cafes that have high turnover often need easy access small tables whereas cafes that serve meals and want to encourage patrons to stay often have more spacious seating.

Either way you can easily see that one form of café furniture is not going to be suitable across the board. Another key factor across all these designs is the durability of the tables. These are used so often that they need to be constructed in ways so they don’t loosen or fall apart with constant movement.

We have picked out what we believe are the 4 most common table types that we get asked to manufacture and supply and have listed a sample of each. There are obviously more options and sizes available from out main site as well as timber choice.

The most common is the T frame, and its main advantage is the simple side entry, together with the table and seating being combined into one fixed unit. Whilst not being considered as portable, it does cater well for high turnover areas and the tables with wider tops also provide that extra space. Aesthetically they are unique and pleasing for clients.

At the minute scale, the street side square tables on steel uprights are the best examples of compact sturdy and lightweight tables that can be easily moved about.  They provide very limited space but are ideal to configure together for groups or into odd shaped areas.

On the most specious side the conventional commercial picnic tables can’t be beaten. Both for their flexibility in sizes, their robustness and most importantly their low economical costs.

The steel frame versions take it to a new height providing clean easy lines, low maintenance and a striking modern appearance.
Outdoor café furniture made from timber is always more appealing than plastic and artificial materials and the patrons appreciate it. The superior quality of timber often reflects  and enhances the ambiance and experience they encounter.

Outdoor café furniture is often subjected to harsh weathering so if timbers are to be used they should be from species that is well suited to withstand the elements.  Ironbark and ironbark sleepers stands out in this respect as they are classified as a grade one timber species.

There are only a few species in the world that have this ranking and it simply means that no other timber will last as long as ironbark – even untreated. Its other major characteristic is that is hard and extremely heavy. The other extremely durable timber commonly used is treated pine and the major difference is weight.

We manufacture outdoor café furniture to last so not only is the timber type important, so is the method of construction. We pride ourselves on the robustness of our tables and strive to provide to the catering industry products that are proven to be accepted by the public and have a high lifespan with low maintenance requirements.

Obviously our range of broader wooden outdoor furniture covers a much larger funiture sector and I would encourage you to explore the other components of our site as well.

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